Fire and Life Safety Evaluation

Fire and Life Safety Evaluations for Ordinance 19-04 (formerly 18-14)
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The purpose of the Fire and Life Safety Evaluation is to allow your building to opt out of installing fire sprinklers. In every building we've evaluated, we have successfully determined how the building can pass without installing fire sprinklers. We will provide a summary of specific recommendations for your building to pass the evaluation and provide guidance on how to implement them.

City and County of Honolulu Ordinance 19-04 (formerly 18-14) requires that all residential high-rise buildings either install a fire sprinkler system or opt-out of sprinkler protection and pass a Fire and Life Safety Evaluation. The Fire and Life Safety Evaluation must be performed by a licensed design professional, such as a licensed Engineer or Architect. The evaluation focuses on various safety aspects of the building, such as the fire alarm system, fire resistance ratings of doors and walls, egress routes, emergency lighting, etc. Evaluations must be completed by May 2, 2022. When we perform the evaluation, we will determine what is necessary for the building to pass the evaluation. Based on our experience, we believe every building is able to opt-out of fire sprinklers and pass the evaluation with the necessary improvements.

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